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Different models
NONAIR® Micro bubbles Separator is manufactured from corrosion resistant Stainless Steel, acid proof 316L, material

and is available in three different models.



NONAIR® Standard model

NONAIR® Particle model NONAIR® Strainer model
Nonair Standard
Nonair Particle
Nonair with Built-in Strainer

is designed to remove air

from circulating heating and chilled water systems

is designed to remove both air and dirt

from circulating heating and chilled water systems

Heavy particles will be collected in the sediment chamber

is designed to remove both air and dirt

from circulating heating and chilled water systems

Floating particles will be trapped in the Strainer insert



  • Design temperature: 110°C

  • Design pressure: 10 bar as standard. Other design pressures up to 25 bar on request.

  • The socket/sockets at the top of the body is for air outlet through an Air vent (not supplied from the factory).

  • The socket at the bottom of the body is for drainage.

  • The additional sockets on the outlet of the Strainer model is for pressure gauge.
Choose the same dimension as the connection pipe.
NONAIR® Micro bubbles Separator is available in a great variety of connections shown below.




Nonair with Stainless Steel weld pipe end

Welding connection - Stainless Steel.

Welding pipe ends of Stainless Steel 316L. Is used at welded pipe joint with Stainless Steel pipes.

This is a unit from the production batch with Nonair made totally in Stainless Steel, 316L.


Dimension range DN40 - DN400

Starting with units from the production batch we can put on a great number of different connections as from the collection below.
Nonair with threaded socket connection

Socket Connection.

Made totally in Stainless Steel material 316L. Is used at threaded pipe joint with stainless or carbon steel pipes. Male and female thread available.

Threads are of Withworth/BSP types.


Dimension range R20 - R50

Nonair with Carbon Steel weld end conection

Welding Connection-Carbon Steel.

Welding ends in carbon steel material, DIN 171 75. Is used at welded pipe joint with carbon steel pipes.


Dimension range DN50 - DN400

Nonair with flanged connection

Flanged Connection.

As standard, collars in Stainless Steel material 316L and loose flanges PN10 in Silumin material. Is used at flanged pipe joint with stainless Steel or carbon steel pipes.

  • As an option loose flanges PN10 or PN16, DIN 2642, in galvanized steel material.
  • As an option other flanges, loose or fix, in various material, pressures or dimension standards even ASTM, can be delivered.


Dimension range DN40 - DN400

Nonair with grooved pipe end connection

Grooved Connection.

Grooved pipe ends in Steel material, DIN 171 75. Is used at grooved pipe joint compatible with couplings from Victualic®, Grinnell® or other similar brands.


Dimension range DN50 - DN400

Mixed connections.

It's also possible to mix the connections above if there is a need.

dimensions for all connections for NONAIR® are according to ISO.
Pressure drop
  • NONAIR® Standard Model and Particle model Minimal ~5 mm water column at 1 m/s, ~ 50Pa at 1 m/s.
  • NONAIR® Strainer model see downloadable PDF.